From a shy kid using a Kodak disposable camera (yes, those yellow ones with the wind-up dials at the back), to picking up my first DSLR camera on a family trip, to now working professionally in the industry for several years, photography has always been a way for me to document life.

My approach is relaxed and candid. I like to capture moments as they happen, seek out ways to be creative, and allow for a comfortable environment. I hope that you can feel at ease in front of the camera, and enjoy yourself!


Fact 1

My name is not actually spelt with two ts.

I just adopted it early on as a point of difference (because there are way too many people named Kat out there) and it's always stuck since then.


Fact 2

All my close friends know how much I love coffee.

Chances are I've got a recommendation for a good cafe in Sydney for you so feel free to ask me!


Fact 3

I attribute a lot of my initial growth in photography to serving on the media team at church.

My faith is a key part of my life, and it shapes and impacts the way I approach people and my work.


Fact 4

I LOVE to travel! Hong Kong is one of my favourite cities as a photographer (so far).

But my biggest bucket list destination is Iceland. It's one of those destinations where you can really experience nature in it's raw beauty.